Sharp EL-244TB
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Sharp EL-244TB

by Sharp

Price: $4.95


8 digit professional pocket calculator is perfect for business professionals on the go. Features a extra-large LCD display with 13mm display digits. Durable plastic keys, metallic painted finish and a modern glass top design. Other functions include: automatic tax keys, percent key, 3 key independent memory, extra-large plus key, and automatic power down. RoHS Complaint - mercury and lead free. Operates on twin power (solar/battery backup).

  • Extra Large 8 Digit LCD Display
  • 13mm Display Digits
  • Automatic Tax Keys
  • Modern Glass Top Design with Metallic Painted Finish
  • RoHS Complaint: Mercury and Lead Free

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  • 1xLR1130 battery
  • Dimensions: 2.36in. x 4.13in. x 0.33in.
  • Weight: 1.7oz