Looking to Sell a Book?

Textbook BuyBack is available year-round, at all University Book Store locations, during regular store hours. We pay up to 50 percent of the new price for your textbooks-in cash-and offer an additional 10 percent back if you choose payment as store credit. Textbook Buyback applies to UW, Cascadia, Shoreline CC, City University of Seattle, Digipen, Cornish, the high schools we serve, and all other U.S. colleges. Current high school or college ID required.

You can check your book's current BuyBack value at University Book Store by entering the 13-digit ISBN on this page. (Usually, you will find the ISBN on the back of the book above the barcode.)

If the book has a BuyBack value, try to sell it back to us as soon as you can-preferably the day you check. Demand for used books is limited and once we buy as many copies as we need, the price will drop. And remember your UW or college ID is required to sell your books.

When entering the ISBN, ignore dashes or spaces. Also, note that sometimes an X will appear at the end instead of a number.

Please omit dashes and spaces

BuyBack FAQ

Do you have a textbook you no longer need? Looking to recover some cash for that textbook? Don't want to mail your book away somewhere and wait for your cash?

The purpose of these resources is to expand the resale market for used books, to make more used books available for resale at University Book Stores at reduced prices, and to provide more options for students to help manage their textbook budget.

The pricing formula is pretty simple.

First, we have a best-case scenario. If the book is going to be used again in an upcoming UW course, and if we haven't already purchased the number of copies required for the upcoming quarter, we will give you up to 50% of the current new price (73% of the used price) in cash. (Choosing credit gets you 10% more!)

The second scenario is not as good, but still ends with you getting something back. If we have already purchased as many copies as needed of a title for the upcoming quarter, and if a used book wholesaler is looking for it, you will be offered a price based on the national wholesale value.

If no demand for the book exists nationally and it will not be used in an upcoming UW class, we will be unable to buy back the book. (This happens, for example, when a new edition is released, or with a custom title or bundle, or when a large supply exists in the course materials market.)

And remember, if you choose a merchandise voucher instead of cash, you'll get an extra 10% back

The demand for any textbook is finite and is tracked on an ongoing basis. The demand decreases instantly with every book bought back and can expire quickly when enough students sell their books back.

In this case, the best you can expect is to receive the wholesale price if your book is being used on another U.S. campus. If there is no demand for the book, we are unable to buy it back.

This will depend on the course requirement adoption received from faculty. Bring all pieces that came with the book when you bring it to BuyBack. Study guides requiring fill-ins cannot be bought back.

We buy back from the University of Washington, Cascadia, Shoreline CC, City University of Seattle, DigiPen, Cornish and all other U.S. colleges. We also buy back from the middle and high schools we service including Archbishop Murphy, Bellevue Christian, Bishop Blanchet, Bush Middle School, Bush Upper School, Charles Wright Academy, Eastside Catholic, John F. Kennedy, O'Dea, Overlake, Seattle Prep, Seattle Waldorf, and University Prep.

ISBN is an acronym for International Standard Book Number. All books have one and each edition of a title has a different ISBN.

Absolutely, if the book is in reasonable condition, of course. You will receive up to 50% of the current new price if the book will be used again on any UW campus, and current wholesale price if the book is not being used on a UW campus but is being used on another campus in the U.S.

Not usually. However, if an older edition is adopted by a faculty member or is approved for use in a course, then all the regular buyback terms apply.

Books need to be in reasonable, usable, resalable condition. Decisions regarding the condition of a book are made by our buyback staff. A good benchmark for determining whether the condition of your book will be satisfactory is the condition of other used books on our shelves for sale.